Internet FAQs

These questions all relate to PCs for People's internet service and internet devices.

What are the options for internet and how much does it cost?

All device and subscription details are found on our Low Cost Internet page.

What number do I call when I'm having issues with my internet device?

For any issues with your internet service or your device, you can contact PCs for People at 651-354-2552. If needed, a customer service representative will direct you to tech support.

Where can I learn more about my internet device?

PCs for People has sold several models of internet devices. Choose your correct model below:

How do I connect to my wifi?

Each device is pre-set with a network name and password. The network name and password can be read on the LCD screen of your device when it is turned on. For more detailed directions, check the written guide inside the retail box your device came in.

How do I reset my device?

Every device PCs for People has sold has a different method to reset the device. Resetting the device to factory defaults will reset the network name and network key (wireless password/Wi-Fi passkey). Find your model below to get directions.

Netgear Fuse: When the device is on, hold the power button down for several seconds. When the shutting down screen appears, continue to hold the power button. When prompted to "Factory Reset all Settings?" continue holding down the power button. When the screen appears that says Resetting Device, you can let go of the power button.

Franklin Wireless R850: Remove the back cover to expose the battery. In the upper right hand corner there is a small oval button with the words "Reset" stamped on it. With the device on and the battery in, press and hold this button for about 5 seconds, then let go. The display will read "Setting reset, Restarting..." Please allow several minutes for the reset to complete. 

Novatel MiFi: The master reset button is in a small hole located on the bottom of the MiFi 500, underneath the battery cover. To reset the MiFi 500, place one end of an unfolded paper clip into the master reset button hole. Next, press the paper clip on the button until the display shows "MiFi Powering Down" (about five to six seconds). Your device will restart.

ZTE Warp Connect: The master reset button is a small hole located next to the charging port. Using either the included tray pin or the end of a thin paperclip, place the end into the button hole. Next, press the pin or paper clip on the button inside the hole until the display shows "resetting" (about five seconds). Your device will restart.

How do I change the Network Name (SSID) or password for my device?

To change the wireless network name and password on the device, Find the device you own in the list below:

If using a Netgear Fuse:

  1. View your device's Quick Start Guide.
  2. Follow the directions under the "Web Interface" section.

If using a Novatel MiFi:

  1. View your device's User Guide
  2. Follow the directions for "Managing from the MiFi 500 Web Interface"
  3. Once logged into the MiFi 500 Home page, follow the directions on page 30 to change your wifi password.

If using a Franklin Wireless R850:

  1. View your device's User Guide.
  2. Follow the directions for "Web UI Window" and "Admin Login" on pages 29-30.
  3. Once logged into the device, follow the directions for "Wi-Fi Basic Settings" on pages 32-34.

If using a ZTE Warp Connect:

  1. View your device's Quick Start Guide.
  2. Follow the directions for "Web UI Overview" or "Web interface" section.

I'm moving. What do I have to do to get my internet service moved to my new address?

You don't have to contact us to tell us that you’re changing addresses, as long as you are moving to an area that gets service, your device should work automatically. Check your new address on the coverage map to see if you get service. Be sure to enter your address and click the "Data" tab on the maps, not the "Voice" tab.

What if I move to an area where I no longer get service?

Please call us (651-354-2552) to verify that is the case and troubleshoot. If we determine you will no longer get service where you have just moved, we can refund any remaining months that have not yet begun. 

Does PCs for People internet service work in my area?

PCs for People internet is not available everywhere. Check this coverage map for details and search for 4G LTE data coverage.

How do I pay for more time for my internet?

There are three payment options.

  1. You can come into your nearest location to pay.
  2. You can add more time online, at (If you choose to pay online it will ask you for a username and password, which is the email address you gave us when you signed up for internet, and the password you created.)
  3. We also accept payment over the phone at (651)-354-2552.

All internet users will have to provide proof that you still meet our eligibility guidelines on a yearly basis. 

How much is my internet bill?

A current listing of our prices can be found on our Low Cost Internet page.

I’m paying my bill late. Does my internet turn back on right after I pay my bill?

If the internet bill is not paid after the expiration date, it may take 3 to 5 business days for your internet to be turned back on.

How many internet devices can I buy?

Every household is eligible for one internet device. The only way you can purchase a second device is if the first one is damaged, lost, stolen or defective, and is past its warranty. In that case, we will deactivate and remove the first modem from our system.

What if my device is lost or stolen?

Please report a lost or stolen device to us so we can shut it off and remove it from our system. This way, no one else can use the internet for free. You have two choices after that:

  1. We can refund any remaining time you had on the device; or
  2. You can purchase a new modem. We will be able to transfer all remaining time to your new device.

Can I return my modem for a refund?

We answer this question on our Policies FAQs page.

Can I bring my own modem?

No. Unfortunately, our activation process with the internet provider does not currently allow users to supply their own devices.