Receiving a Computer in Denver

Below is what we have available at our Denver office. See our Contact Page for hours and location!

Bring the following items:

  1. Proof of eligibility (e.g. letter from the county stating type of assistance received). See more examples on our eligibility page.
  2. Photo ID
  3. Cash, card, or money order payment (personal checks not accepted)

You will be able to take your computer home with you the day you come in. We have desktop and laptop computers.



We have laptops available every day, though individual types and prices are subject to availability. Here are the different donation categories for laptops:

Donation Range   HDD RAM Operating System   Notes
$50-74 80-100 GB 3 GB Windows 7 Good; low to mid-range dual core
$100-149 120-160 GB 4 GB Windows 7 Better; mid to high end dual core
$150+ 250+ GB 4+ GB Windows 8.1 Best; i3 processor or higher



lenovo tower

The Denver office has desktops every day. Pricing/donations and types are listed on our general Computer Information page. You could spend anywhere from $0 up to $100 on a desktop tower, monitor, and accessories.


We also repair computers, starting at just $25. Click here for more information.


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